Serving Size

When I buy a bottle or can of soda, energy drink, juice, whatever, I do notice the little icon down there telling me how many calories I’m about to ingest.  Sometimes, it will even impact what I end up deciding to purchase.  Once I’ve purchased my beverage of choice, that’s when I usually notice the smaller print saying, “XXX calories per serving”…and then on the back it will say something ridiculous like, “approximately 3.7 servings per can/bottle”.  Really?  I’m not going to drink only a little of this tiny bottle and save the rest for later; I’m certainly not going to do that with a can.  If the beverage is carbonated, its a particularly bad idea.  I don’t drink Pepsi as everyone knows that once you open a Pepsi, it has an approximate carbonation life of 4 seconds before going flat, but even I know that putting a can of carbonated soda back in the refrigerator is a bad idea.  No, when I buy a bottle or can, I’m going to drink all of it.  Be a hero and tell me how many calories are in there in its entirety because I’m going to drink it all in one go.