LEGO Furniture and Appliances Part 1

Some of the trickier parts of LEGO MOCs for me is making believable furniture and appliances.  Here a few bits of furniture and appliances I have made so far.

I posted these a while ago as a part of a raised corner MOC.  Some simple bits of furniture, I’m not really sure what the thing on the far left is supposed to be, the idea was some kind of barrel holder for a shop but it ended up being too bulky to put a lot of them into the MOC.


Here are some appliances for an upcoming MOC I’m building for the kids.  I think they are fairly recognizable.  I’m sure there are easier ways to make the lids open/close, the trick here was keeping them small enough to not take up inordinate amounts of room in the house.

IMG_4290 IMG_4292 IMG_4291

Cubicle Dreams

Here is a small MOC I did for a charity raffle at work.  I should have taken more photos as it was being constructed despite the many changes that occurred throughout.  As it is, you can’t see the little rat that was under the desk.  The flipper bins are also functioning, though I did not take a photo of that either.


Top Down View


Angled Iso view


Iso View


Iso View


Front Angled View


Front View

When I was building this I thought it might be a little too bland and so I checked our cubicles back at work and…they are somehow even more bland than this.  Just the sort of place to foment creativity!

The scale was also a bit of a challenge on this one too.  The drawers are only 2 high, but most offices have 3 or more and differing sizes.  That would have made the desk far too tall; as it is, the cubicle walls are almost too tall which meant only 1 flipper bin as opposed to multiple flipper bins as most offices might have.  I did manage to squeeze in the under flipper bin lights though.