LEGO Furniture – Washer and Dryer

A long time ago, someone asked me for instructions (or rather, what pieces I used) to build some of the furniture in my MOCs.  I didn’t forget Michelle, but it has taken me a long time to get around to photographing and arranging it.  So here’s the first one, let me know how it works out as instructions (or how it does not).  The quality isn’t that great, but it should give you an idea.  Obviously, color choices are up to you (as well as replacing the old school Blacktron space tile with another).  I’ve also included an image below to better show all the pieces I used for the washer and dryer.

All the pieces for the dryer

All the pieces for the dryer

All the pieces for the washer

All the pieces for the washer


All the pieces, for both the washer and the dryer















Here’s a link to another video with a larger screen resolution.


LEGO Furniture and Appliances Part 1

Some of the trickier parts of LEGO MOCs for me is making believable furniture and appliances.  Here a few bits of furniture and appliances I have made so far.

I posted these a while ago as a part of a raised corner MOC.  Some simple bits of furniture, I’m not really sure what the thing on the far left is supposed to be, the idea was some kind of barrel holder for a shop but it ended up being too bulky to put a lot of them into the MOC.


Here are some appliances for an upcoming MOC I’m building for the kids.  I think they are fairly recognizable.  I’m sure there are easier ways to make the lids open/close, the trick here was keeping them small enough to not take up inordinate amounts of room in the house.

IMG_4290 IMG_4292 IMG_4291