Lego Hinged House

This project took a long time to finish.  Not because it was difficult, not necessarily to needing to find or acquire pieces (although that is often a major factor) but just because things have been too busy.

Hinged House Front




The idea behind this project was to try a new style of house (new to the kids anyway) for the kids to play with.  Most of my MOCs are built to fit alongside the creator series a major design part which involves each level being taken off.  I prefer this actually, it is cleaner in general and works quite well when designing and putting it together.  What I found with the kids, however, is that when it was time for them to play, they couldn’t quite visually connect the connections between the floors when you took each floor off.  It works great with three kids playing with one floor each, but they didn’t seem to like not being able to make the LEGO guy physically walk up the stairs to the next floor and having it disconnected.  That’s the premise behind this build.  Some of the furniture from an earlier post are scattered throughout this build (specifically the washer and dryer).


IMG_6088One of the problems with this is having a floor stacked on top with no way to really reach in there and play with the interior space.  I think in the end, it would have been better to have less hinges and maybe more space (taller building) on the interior.  The kids still seem to enjoy playing with this build though so I guess that’s all that counts in the end.


After seeing the kids play with it, I’m not sure this experiment worked.  It may be too complicated, some of the parts are not kid friendly (like the hanging bathtub) and there are a few parts that do not close back up very easily.  The pictures don’t really show how it all goes together so here are a few videos.

Showing all the roofs and parts

Morgana reviews the Hinged House

The kids playing with the Hinged House

Another one of the kids playing with the Hinged House