Went and saw Grey last night.  The previews looked good, but I was rather disappointed in the movie.  It’s about a group of oil riggers and a hunter hired to protect them who, on their flight home, crash land in the wilderness and try to make their way back to civilization.  While being hunted by wolves.  That’s the movie in a nutshell.

[Spoilers Below]

I’m told that I like depressing movies, and this movie is definitely one of those hopeless movies.  A lot of it is predictable, the wolves kill them off one by one…you’re only left wondering when and how…until there is only one, the main character.  At this point, the character who doesn’t believe in God finds himself screaming at God for a magic wand miracle and then getting upset again at no answer.  Pretty childish and typical.  He then gets up and decides to “do it on my own”…just like the rest of his life.  How original.

Anyways, the “end” of the movie finds him just about to throw down with the alpha male of the wolf pack and that’s where the credits roll.  Everyone in the audience was rather upset about this and kind of left the theater in a huff.  I waited until the end of the credits to see if anything else was there and yes, there is.  All you see is the main character resting his head on the dying body of the wolf…but you don’t know how injured he is or if he too is dying.

I don’t think I would recommend this movie to anyone.  It’s not the worst movie I’ve seen, but I could definitely have avoided the movie and been fine.

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